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Selling Post

I really need to get rid of these extra things i have!
They are mostly limited editions and are brandnew, unopened.
Prices are still negotiable. Shipping to be beared by buyer.
Accepts paypal and others, at buyer's risk. Ships worldwide.
Im based in Singapore. :D Feel free to ask questions!


Rescue (Limited Edition)
DVD, region 2 - no subtitles. 
Bonus DVD: PV & PV Making
Price: 18 USD
Quantity: 1 pc

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At the Convenience store

Question was: 
What do you usually buy frm the convi. store? (In japanese) 

" Cigarettes, i usually buy juice and drinks, 
and sometimes a magazine, at the convenience store. 
But when i don't have cigarettes, i buy them by the carton unconsciously. 
And since i go there trying not to be seen, I've never experienced being called to a stranger" 

Jin, I love you for your effort in trying.
Somehow i dont really get what you mean on your last sentence. 
haha? Is it "called by a stranger" 
Buying by the carton D: That'd be alot of toxic then >.<.
Maybe someone would like to explain this to me :D 
Anyway, credits to Luvjin and Wink Up May 2008 :)

*goes to watch Daidaman* 

=( Bad news, GST + handling charges on calendars


last stop

'kay. finally. 
Last stop for this holiday.
not that excited, really. 
my luggage is ridiculously huge.
had to bring a huge one just so that i can be prepared to pack my shopping goodies when i get back. XD 

Calendars are arriving soon! lol.
Finally xD But i'll probably get it only after i get back.
D: i need money. desperately.

Anyway, is anyone interested in a 
brand new-unopened, untouched copy of DREAMBOYS DVD 2007?
80 SGD or 65 USD inclusive of shipping? 



ONE more to go... whee~ ♥
Here's some uploads for clarice.. SPREAD THE LOVE ♥

KAT-TUN Music Station Superlive 2005 - She Said & Kizuna 
Mediafire || Yousendit 

Akame @ Takki & Tsubasa Spring Concert 2004 (?)
Dreamboys (Takki Solo) : Mediafire
Get Down (Tsubasa Solo) : Mediafire

KAT-TUN - Anniversary @ MinnaTV 2005-09-28

Andalucia with Tsubasa & Koichi - KAT-TUN (backup dancers) 

Kamenashi at Shonen Club - Little clip with Tiger softtoy


//Pls watch Shindoi 080213 (Date with Haruna & Haruka). Haruka is really lovable. heh. 


They arrived

They finally arrived =)

Adding to my collection

People who ordered with me, please contact me ya =) Will pass them to u guys soon.
My hotmail is messed up >.< Lots of my saved email addresses are missing. sighhhh
So sorry if i go "missing" or what. It's just that i cannot remember your email add.
Email me and i'll definitely return ur msg.


Selling post

These are some Johnnys' goods i've got. So if u're interested, please look in. =)
There are goods from official photos to posters. 
These goods are in mint condition and never been opened unless stated.
Prices are negotiable and does not include shipping and handling.
All prices are in USD and shipping will be charged according to the postal rate at the time i post it out.
All transactions can be made thru paypal, western union or concealed cash. 
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. 

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HMV Japan Orders

Okie ~ Just placed another order at HMV Jp.
I'll be billed 600USD in when they ship the goods. xD
Very very scary, i wonder if i'l be able to foot the bill. Ahhh.

Here's for those who placed an order with me earlier -

Keep the faith (Limited Edition, w/ DVD)  - each 1600yen (S$20)
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Keep the faith (First Press Regular, Bonus Song) - each 1143yen (S$14.80)
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Tour 2007 Cartoon KAT-TUN II You (Limited Ed) - each 3572yen (S$46)
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Total Items ordered: 28
Each Item shipping cost: S$2.50

I also placed orders for some of the previous concert DVDs which i didn't manage to get =X
There's a 25% discount for the DVDs, so there wasn't much hesitation. hahaha.
Anyway, i'm being very transparent with the prices already. So pple who ordered with me, please start to prepare to pay me in Nov. xD The shipping cost might be higher because i'm terribly afraid to be charged custom tax since this order cost more than 600USD. Anything about 400USD will be charged custom tax i think? unless HMV Jp is smart enough to fake the cost of the discs, which they did previously for my live of KT real face con DVD. Custom Tax will be about 4% if i'm not wrong, so if there's any tax, u guys would also have to bear them with me. xD

Anyone who still wants me to help u to order the discs, can let me know. I should still be able to add to this order. Hmmm. Make sure u're able to pay me by the time i hand u the discs, and no backing out last min. =X Anyway, i donnoe what is the exchange rate betwn JPY and SGD. So the prices might be lower than what i quote here. =) or higher, i won't know =)

For those who ordered K8 goods from me too!
The seller just shipped the goods from Japan xD
It will probably take about 4 -6 weeks to arrive =(
when i get them, i'll let u guys know.
Drop me an email if u need to question me!

edit //  for anyone who is ordering more than 1 copy, u can try ordering over at yesasia too! Their prices are cheap too ~ but u have to order quite  few before u can get the free shipping option.



I just placed my order for the DVD and Singles.
Sigh. First Press for the single is already out of print.
So i'll probably wait for restock or for HMV Jp
Anyway, i ordered 7 copies for the DVD limited ed and 7 copies for the limited single.
I am just blindly ordering because i haven't got any idea who might want to combine the shipping cost.
I ordered from CDJapan. The Shipping for all 14 disc is 8720yen and the rest of the prices are as stated

Anyone wants the DVD or single?
Let me know if u want a copy so that i can pass it to u when i receive them.
I will order the first press later. Let me know if u also want a copy =)
Anyone who wants the regular ver. can wait till i go to Japan. I'll probably try to get them in Japan so that we can save on the shipping cost.
If there's more than enough DVD / Single to go around, i can still order extra =)

Tour 2007 cartoon KAT-TUN II You [w/ Book, Limited Edition] -  4762yen (S$61)
1. Ru
2. Puaysan
3. Clarice
4. Loan
5. Irene
6. Khai
7. Nlyn

(to order extra)
8. eshley

Keep the faith[w/ DVD, Limited Edition] - 1600yen (S$20)
1. Ru
2. Clarice
3. Loan
4. Irene
5. Khai
6. eshley
7. Choonmin

Will order these later when available:
Keep the faith[bonus track, First Press Regular] - 1200yen (S$15)
1. Ru
2. Puaysan
3. Clarice
4. Loan
5. Irene
6. Nlyn
7. eshley

Shipping Cost: S$8 per item or less via EMS

Yuukan Club has just finished airing its first episode!
So excited to see the rating for it.  xD
miro miro miro miro miroku desu!